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Functional Training

The functional training means training in all movement levels (sagital, frontal and transversal). No muscles are trained in isolation, E.g. when training on machines, but it is always worked in muscle chains or trained as a complete system.

Everyday movements and movements from sports or professions often serve as a model ("woodchop exercise", "Iceskater").


Our functional area includes, among other things, a "slide" railway, various small appliances, such as Kettlebells, stability balls, Dynamaxballs,heavy balls, jumping ropes, heavy hopes and TRX.)


In various courses you can also test this type of training as a beginner.

Machines and weight training

Power equipment, freehand weights and cables as well as classic machines are available.


Whether you are working on these with the main focus on strength or muscle growth, the training is tailored to your training goal!


Our power equipment is from Nautilus. We also have a Life Fitness Circle



Rowing ergometers, Stairmaster, Crosstrainer, treadmills and bicycles are available to our customers in order to improve their endurance.


If the classical cardiotraining is too boring or monotonous,  you can also try one of our H.I.I.T courses. This is done in the high-intensity interval range, which means short, crunchy stress phases alternating with breaks. Your metabolism will be boosted.

Speed Court

Speed, responsiveness, eye - foot coordination, spatial perception and other cognitive and coordinative abilities - all areas that can be improved by speed court training.

How exactly does the training work?

On a screen in front of the training surface, numbers appear, which the athlete has to run to, the contact is registered by sensors in the ground.


The speed and reaction speed can also be tested and trained using Speedcourt and Speedtrack.



In the US for a long time an aids for the improvement of the jump power and the explosiveness, quite a few know this training device. By means of resistance bands, which are similar to expanders, the athlete is strapped on the device and trained against this resistance, which is far higher than the normal gravity.